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The Law Office Of Barry R. Levine – Bankruptcy, Beverly

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The Law Office Of Barry R. Levine – Bankruptcy, Beverly

Attorney Barry Levine Says

“Even if you’re facing bankruptcy and even though it may seem so, it’s not the end of the world, and your life will not be destroyed. It is also my intention to address the information overload available on the Internet and clarify the many misconceptions about bankruptcy. A thorough understanding of the available options is the first step toward finding a resolution.”

Welcome To The Law Office Of Barry R. Levine In Beverly, MA

Since being admitted to the bar almost 40 years ago, I have focused on representing debtors. In my practice, The Law Office of Barry R. Levine, I pride myself on assisting people from all walks of life in dealing with a variety of financial issues.

Most of my clients consider bankruptcy after a job loss, demotion, failure of a small business or catastrophic medical event. I have represented retirees who have run out of money while living on Social Security benefits; individuals whose self-owned business have failed, with personal financial difficulties as a result; recent college graduates who couldn’t find immediate employment and accrued a significant amount of credit card debt as a result. My typical client comes from all walks of life and every economic stratum.

In almost all cases, credit card companies will treat their customers very nicely, but the bottom line is that it’s very difficult for a person who has no job, work prospects or income to pay 26 percent interest to a credit card company.

How Are Businesses Impacted By COVID-19 In Beverly, MA?

Huge, well-known corporations like J.C. Penney, Hertz, Gold’s Gym, and Chisholm have all declared bankruptcy during the COVID-19 pandemic. Economists are expecting the crisis for businesses in Massachusetts and across the country to become even worse as the year continues. Despite the government support and loans that have been offered, it may already be too late for many American companies. If you fear that your business is in dire need of financial assistance, immediately contact a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss your options.

What Is A Foreclosure Wage Garnishment?

When your house is foreclosed upon and sold at foreclosure auction, your mortgage lender may later contact you to inform you that you still owe them money. If the foreclosure sale did not bring in enough money to pay off your mortgage loan and you do not pay off the difference, the lender can take you to court to get a deficiency judgment against you. If you do not pay this judgement, your wages may end up being garnished. A foreclosure wage garnishment attorney is essential when facing this scenario in Beverly, Massachusetts.

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Why File For Bankruptcy?

Most people file for bankruptcy because they ultimately have no other choice—they have a mountain of credit card debt, they have missed too many mortgage payments, or they are facing foreclosure. The only way to stop a foreclosure from moving forward and the only way to eliminate credit card debt is by filing for bankruptcy. While many are concerned about the negative impact of bankruptcy on their credit score, most people who need to file for bankruptcy already have poor credit, and bankruptcy will actually give them a fresh start for rebuilding good credit.

There are also positive consequences associated with filing for bankruptcy. Your discharge in bankruptcy, which I will explain in detail in Chapter 5, is the beginning of your journey to financial rebirth.

Why File For Bankruptcy?

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